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To minimize the risk (particularly eye injuries) from laser beam
accidents, an overall attention to the safe design, installation, and
use of the laser is required. Direct exposure to the laser beam, as
well as a low-output exposure to the reflected beam from the
material surface of the laser machining process can cause severe
damage to the eye or skin. Therefore, the United States and Europe
have established laser safety regulations based on the wavelength
and output of the laser and enforced the indication safety messages
in addition to regulating the sale and use of lasers. Protective
eyewear in the form of spectacles or goggles with appropriate filter
optics can protect the eyes from reflected or scattered laser light
with a hazardous beam power, as well as from direct exposure to
a laser beam.

Eyewear must be selected for the specific type of laser to block or
attenuate in the appropriate wavelength range, output, and
oscillation mode. For example, even a protective eyewear for
10,600 nm CO2 lasers is worn while using a 1,064 nm wavelength of
Nd: YAG laser, eye safety is not guaranteed. When using a laser
device generating two or more wavelengths at the same time from
a single laser, the user must wear protective glasses that can
simultaneously block multiple wavelengths.

Filter for Laser Safety Eyewear and Protective Window

Filter for Laser Safety Eyewear and Protective Window
The most important factors in selecting laser safety eyewear and protective window are the system’s wavelength, oscillation mode, maximum output, and laser beam diameter. Additionally, visible light transmittance, color display capability, transparent degree, and the material and thickness of the filter can be considered. By considering these various factors—laser safety and convenience—optimal filters and safety windows can be selected. (For more details on filters for laser safety eyewear and protective window, please refer to our homepage.)


A face shield is a product for protecting the head and face area of a worker from harmful elements when working with lasers. It is designed to be used in harsh working conditions, and it is constructed from highly durable and lightweight materials so workers can be guaranteed safety even when they are exposed to a hazardous working environment for an extended length of time. Safety domes, used in exhibitions or research institutes, are designed to observe the work status from different angles more conveniently. There are holes on the left and right sides of the dome to allow the operators to use their hands more freely. It is designed to be fixed on the floor to reduce the risk of lifting the dome during operation.

Other Accessories

Other Accessories
Laser-beam-blocking protection window frame
Portable laser-beam-blocking screen
Laser-beam-blocking curtains
Laser-beam-blocking protective slat
Plasma welding protection clips
Laser safety eyewear storage box
Laser safety eyewear cleaner
Lens mountable RX-Insert frame for eyeglass wearers