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Laser Micro-Machining

Micro-machining Technology Using Lasers

Ultra Short Pulse Laser


Due to the remarkable development of electronics, semiconductors, and biotech and medical
industries requiring high precision, the ultra precision processing technology that can process
micrometer-size objects is increasingly required. Laser micro-machining processes materials
with scribing, cutting, and drilling from ㎛ to ㎚ particle sizes with the high energy of the beam. Such processes require a rapid heating, melting, and evaporation of the material.

In the case of micro-machining, UV or Excimer lasers use Pico Second, Femto Second, or Ultra
Short Pulse lasers with a shorter wavelength or a very short pulse width. Ultra Short Pulse Lasers
including the Excimer laser is widely used for vision correction, precision machining of glass and plastics, manufacture of precision parts, earth science and astronomical research, spectroscopy, and FBG processes.

Most of the lasers used for micro-machining have very high pulse energy, peak power, and
energy density. Thus, it is not possible to transport the laser beam through a fiber cable.
Therefore, optical devices of lenses and mirrors that can reliably transfer the laser beam and
techniques dealing with precision materials are also known to be important.

Micro-machining technology is being actively applied to machining high-precision parts, and in
the semiconductor sector, health care, and biotechnology. It is mainly applied to glass cutting,
ceramic cutting, drilling, and wafer cutting for semiconductors.

Major Application Areas

  • Micro processing
  • Laser ablation
  • FBG
  • Medicine
  • Spectroscopy
  • R&D

Major Application Examples

  • Selective polymer removal
  • Micro hole drilling / grooving
  • Thin metal film / patterning
  • Micro milling & etching
  • 3D Structure including lenses
  • OLEDs, Microfluidics, Sensors

[Application cases of laser micro-machining]

Application cases of laser micro-machining