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Laser Marking/Engraving

Laser Marking, Engraving, and Precision Pattern Processing Technology


Laser engraving and marking is the practice of using lasers to
engrave or print on an object. The technique does not involve the
use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits that contact the engraving
surface and wear out.

Laser engraving is can be performed on polymers that respond well
to a particular wavelength of the laser beam or metallic materials. It
uses relatively high peak power compared to the laser system for
marking. Compared to using a CO2 laser for plastic engraving, a Q
Switch lamp or a diode Nd:YAG laser is used for metal engraving.

When more sophisticated operations are required, fiber laser is also

Laser engraving and fine patterning technology is widely used for in-
depth metal printing (engraving) on molds, aircraft, automotive, and
agricultural machinery parts that require clear identification even
with wear and tear. This technology is replacing electrical discharge
machining and NC machining, and its application is gradually
expanding to pattern processing to improve the life and durability of
the product by reducing friction between metals.

Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving System Features

  • Laser processing is possible on any kind of metal and non-metal materials with 2, 2.5, and 3 dimensions.
  • Laser processing is possible on a 3-dimensional product.
  • Laser cutting depth can be adjusted (processed up to 0.3 mm at a time).
  • Laser marking and engraving is possible on the same material (free conversion).
  • Automatic height compensation

Major Application Industry and Sector

  • Automotive
  • Health care
  • Tools
  • Precious metals
  • Electronics
  • Aviation
  • Mold

[Laser marking and engraving system]

Laser marking and engraving system

[Application cases of laser marking and engraving]

Application cases of laser marking and engraving